Jorge Masvidal calls MMA media out for not covering women’s barehanded fights

Jorge Masvidal believes that some sections of the MMA media are “sexist”. He blamed them for neglecting women’s hand-to-hand combat. ‘Gamebred’ suggested that journalists need to do a better job when it comes to covering women.

In an interview with MMA Uncensored, Jorge Masvidal notably spoke about his own barehanded MMA promotion, the Gamebred Fighting Championship. Shedding light on the lack of coverage for Gamebred FC and women’s hand-to-hand fights, Masvidal said:

“It’s pretty interesting that a lot of MMA websites don’t cover it. But that’s because they have a personal problem with me. But they should get the big picture by covering the progression of women’s sport. So I’m very upset with some of these websites that don’t give it love and shit **. Because if it was another promoter, it would be all over these pages. But these pages are controlled by a lot of these guys who don’t like me on a personal level.

Jorge Masvidal added that there are various reasons why some sports websites do not cover Gamebred FC events. Masvidal reiterated that women’s unarmed MMA fights should receive wide media coverage.

” What is happening here ? I see like, kinda, I don’t want to pull the card, but what it’s called … oh, sexist. These websites are fucking sexist. This is what they are. I’m talking about Instagram pages, websites; all of those websites that cover MMA.

Watch Jorge Masvidal’s comments on the women’s unarmed fights coverage below:

Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred FC hosted their second event on October 1 at the Biloxi Community Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. The event included male and female fights and was marked by a bout between Alex Nicholson and Johnathan Ivey. Nicholson defeated Ivey by TKO in the first round.

Jorge Masvidal aims to return to UFC winning streak

Jorge Masvidal’s fame and momentum have taken a hit lately. That’s thanks to a few losses to defending UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal’s most recent fight was a second round knockout loss to ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ in their rematch at UFC 261 in April. It was the first time he had been stopped by KO / TKO or UFC submission.

Jorge Masvidal has always maintained that he intends to fight again this year and return for another UFC welterweight title shot.

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