Juked mobile app enters alpha phase

Social platform Juked.GG announced that its next mobile application is entering the alpha phase.

Juked invited 100 selected users to test the product which aims to create a toxic-free environment for esports fans.

Image credit: Juked.GG

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Additionally, the app aspires to be a guide to everything esports related, including news, scores, and schedules.

The first 100 users will be expected to form the basis of the Juked community while representing the platform’s values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness. According to the release, this marks the first step in bringing members of the esports space into the app.

In order to provide the best possible level of support at launch, Juked’s Alpha launched with a limited number of games, namely CS: GO, VALORANT, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Support for more titles is expected to be strategically rolled out after the app is fully released in 2022.

The Juked alpha launches with social media features like a feed of user-generated content and the ability to comment, vote, and follow other users. Its news feed and content would be organized according to user preferences. In addition, the application shares several features with Juked.gg.

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To ensure Juked’s goals are met, the app will require phone authentication to sign up and post.

In his efforts to create a diverse and non-toxic environment, Juked also recently in partnership with the Queer Women Of Esports association, which will advise app creators on diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives.

Esports Insider Says: Juked’s goal of creating a diverse, inclusive, and toxic-free environment for esports fans is admirable, with the steps towards achieving that goal appearing to be going in the right direction. It will be interesting to see how the app develops after its full release and if Juked succeeds in his mission.

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