KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional unveils an all-in-one email marketing tool

Email marketers can handle transactional emails, email marketing, and email verification

KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional has unveiled a platform designed to help email marketers and agencies seamlessly manage email marketing campaigns. With this platform, users can easily send transactional emails, do traditional email marketing, and perform email verification. This software is available under a one-time pricing model with no recurring fees. This makes it more affordable than other alternatives on the market.

Most email marketers turn to solutions like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, MailChimp, and Zerobounce for their email marketing. Although these solutions are effective, they do not offer affordable prices. As a result, email marketers who don’t have a large budget struggle to find tools that can meet their needs. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional changes that with a platform that combines the most sought-after email marketing tools at a fraction of the cost.

“We are the first in the market to offer transactional email and email marketing with email credits for a one-time fee,” says Fikry Fatullah, founder of KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional. “This platform is designed to be accessible to both small email marketers and established email marketing agencies. Our transactional messaging tools make it easy to send emails based on some triggers you can easily configure in your account.With our email marketing features, you can send emails instantly without any setup and server costs.

With KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, email marketers no longer have to worry about paying recurring fees. In this way, the platform allows users to save money. Since it’s an all-in-one solution, email marketers also don’t have to search for other software solutions to use as add-ons. Marketing agencies can also sell email credits to their clients.

KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is a crucial platform for brands that rely on effective email marketing campaigns. In fact, this platform combines all the best features of Amazon SES, MailChimp, and Zerobounce. This is in addition to competitive native features designed to ensure superior deliverability, easy integration and scalable infrastructure.

With KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, email marketers can take their marketing efforts to the next level without needing a huge budget. This platform makes it possible to send up to 5 million emails per day, to optimize delivery and better meet the needs of the agency’s clients.

About KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional

KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is an all-in-one email marketing platform with competitive tools for transactional emails, email marketing and email validation. These tools are available on a one-time pricing model with no recurring fees, making them a more affordable solution for email marketers. The KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional team is dedicated to providing customers with superior deliverability, easy integration, and a scalable infrastructure.

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