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Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) is expected to announce Class 12 results this week. The score sheets are expected to be posted by this week on the council’s official website – MP Board will soon announce the date of the result. The MP Board Class 12 exams were held between February 17 and March 12. About 8 lakh students had turned up for the exam.

The evaluation process had started at the beginning of March. The scripts are evaluated in different phases with 1200 scripts in phase 1. The delay in the announcement of the results is due to errors in the questionnaires of no less than six subjects. Nearly 1.30 crore copies are rated by as many as 30,000 teachers, according to reports.

MPBSE 12th Board Exam 2022: Websites to Check

Once the MP Board announces the results of its Class 12 exams, students can check the results on its official websites.



Apart from these, the results will also be available on Students can complete the form below and grades will be posted as soon as the result is announced

MPBSE 12th Board Exam 2022: What Happened Last Year?

In 2021, the pass rate was 100%. The board had used other assessment criteria to grade the students. This was the highest pass percentage received by the board so far. In 2020, no less than 6,64,504 candidates took the 12th exam, of which 68.81% passed. A total of 2,85,754 students achieved first division grades or 60% and above that year. Here is an overview of student pass percentages over the years –

2020 — 68.81%
2019 — 72.37%
2018 — 72.27%
2017 — 67.8%
2016 — 69.33%

In 2021, all students passed the exam. No less than 52% of students over 7.5 lakh who registered for the 12th MP Board Examination got the top division. This was the highest pass percentage ever recorded by the board.

Among the students in the humanities stream, no less than 64,206 students obtained the first division while in the science stream, 59,055 students were declared successful. In business, 54,613 students scored 60% or higher.

MPBSE 12th Board Exam 2022: Passing Scores

To pass the examinations of the jury of deputies, the candidates will have to obtain at least 30% of marks in each subject, both for practical work and for the whole. The council of deputies authorities released a revised scoring system for council exams this year. According to which, 80 points will be awarded for theoretical subjects and the remaining 20 points will be for practical work and projects. For subjects with practical work, 70 points will be awarded for the theoretical part and 30 points will be awarded for the practical assessments.

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