LA Venture: How Baron Davis Uses Social Media in His Investment Strategy

Two-star NBA Baron Davis joins this mini-episode from the LA Venture podcast on how he approaches investing, how he uses his social media presence to get involved, and why he views investing as crucial for under-represented communities.

Davis sees social media platforms as the place to have conversations and research. Investing, he said, has become a way for him to delve deeper into industries that interest him, including video games.

“Earlier last year, I was like, ‘Hey, I love games. I play video games. I want to start investing in the video game space.’ Then people start to reach out “and give her advice,” Davis said.

“I usually let people introduce me to their business on Twitter and they DM me and I look at the bridge, and I come back. But sometimes I DM businesses and I say, ‘Hey, I wanna get involved.’

Davis said he wanted to work with entrepreneurs of color, women and the LBGTQ community, to ensure that more people like him – “underdogs” – are represented in the industries they support with their purchases.

Davis founded Business Inside the Game (BIG), a management company and global community that brings together sports technology and media specialists through the summits and panels they host. The company was born out of its experience of seeing young entrepreneurs struggle to find partners and relationships.

“For me, it’s really about putting your money where your mouth is,” he said.

Davis said he wanted to show people of color can do big business for the big brands their communities have embraced – he and his business partner Master P have offered to own the iconic shoe brand Reebok.

“If these big companies don’t put money into the community, but the community buys all of their products, then it’s unfair,” Davis said. “I think for us to start having that seat at the table, it now allows us to have the pressure and the responsibility to take care of our own.”

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