Learn how to develop mobile applications at SCRF

Sharjah24: An exciting workshop specially designed to teach participants how to develop a mobile app took place at the Social Media Café during the 12th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, the region’s largest literary and cultural festival for children.
With the aim of giving children and adults a basic understanding of how to create mobile applications, the workshop is also ideal for people without technical training.

“A lot of people think that developing an application is rocket science. But by exposing children to this technology and terminology from an early age, we hope it will create an interest that they can tap into in the future, ”said Mohammed Sinan, technical manager of Junkbot, the entity that led the workshop.

“SCRF is a great platform for kids to experience all of the latest technology available around the world,” he added.

The hands-on session participants were introduced to the basic concepts of creating mobile applications and received an overview of the types of applications available in the market – single-screen and multi-screen applications. At the end of the session, participants were able to create input forms, such as the email forms that we see on most apps these days.

They also became familiar with the concept of displaying text and information and how information is captured using text fields or input screens in apps before starting to learn how to use it. application itself is created.

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