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(NEXSTAR) – Get ready to sleep like Rosemary’s baby in your very own horror-themed bungalows.

A couple in California are ready to sell a pair of creepy retro cabins that most horror fans “can only dream of living in”, according to one of the owners.

The property, located in Big Bear Lake, actually consists of two separate units — one that’s currently inspired by the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” and the other that’s adorned with horror merchandise and memorabilia. Some of the more “Stranger Things” cabin-inspired touches include a recreation of Joyce’s living room and a mini arcade, while the horror-themed cabin features a life-size statue of Michael Myers from the “Halloween” franchise. and a bedroom mural depicting “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”.

“I have to say my favorite room is the ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ room in the Horror Cabin,” co-owner Jade Valore told Nexstar. “When you turn off the lights and turn on the neon, the room is completely green.”

The horror-themed cabin, known as the Creepshow Inn, features a “Creature From the Black Lagoon” mural. (Jade Value)

Valore says she and her husband originally intended to use the chalets for vacation rentals, but local regulations limited them to renting out one unit at a time.

“It was created as a destination that people can enjoy and if the city can’t let us see our vision, we’d rather part ways,” she said of their decision to sell.

However, the stateroom listing price does not currently include most decorations. But Valore told Nexstar it’s ready to sell the spooky furniture and decor, if someone makes the right offer.

Judging by the social media reaction to the property, there might be a few interested buyers who prefer the decor to stay where it is.

“It wouldn’t change anything,” one Instagram user wrote, commenting on a @ZillowGoneWild post showcasing the property.

“It will be the only time I will say this. Let’s move on to California,” another user said.

“It’s like the 80s threw up,” someone else joked.

The “Stranger Things”-themed cabin, dubbed Demo’s Den, features recreations of the show’s sets. (Jade Value)

Valore, though sad to give up the cabins, said she hopes to find a buyer who appreciates the property as much as she does.

“These cabins would be something I would personally live in, and I think that’s what a lot of people can only dream of living in,” she said. “The redecor, that’s what these cabins are.

The house is currently listed at $450,000, but Valore didn’t say how much she wanted for keepsakes and decorations.

“For the right price, I wouldn’t say no,” she said.

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