Location sharing features keep app users in touch

Continuing its efforts to provide guarded security in areas beyond the home, ADT added location-sharing features and notifications to the mobile security app it launched about two years ago.

The users of SoSecure by ADT The app can now see where their friends, family and colleagues are on a map, share their own location, get notified when someone arrives at a designated location, and check in to tell others where they are .

To do this, they can invite others to join a private group within the app; these abilities are then shared by everyone in a group. For example, if a child’s school is marked as a point on the map, parents and other guardians will be notified when the child arrives or leaves.

“We’re really proud of the continued iterations of what we’ve done,” Leah Page, ADT’s vice president, Emerging Business and Mobile Security, told PYMNTS. “We thought about trying to increase the daily usefulness of the app.”

Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues

Likely use cases for these new features include helping parents keep track of their kids, letting college students stay in touch with friends, and letting co-workers get to know each other while on a trip. business trip.

Separate groups can be created for each purpose and a group can be deleted at any time, for example at the end of a business trip.

The app also displays everyone’s phone battery charge status. This solves a common problem for older kids: turning off their phone so they can’t be monitored and later saying their battery is dead.

Make it a part of everyday life

The new location sharing features join the app’s existing functionality, including the ability to contact ADT for reassurance or assistance when you feel unsafe. App users with the free plan can do so via an SOS sliding button or chat. ADT monitoring officers will assess the situation and, if necessary, contact 911 with the user’s location and details.

With one of the premium plans requiring a monthly subscription, users can add features such as SOS video calls, voice activation with a passcode word, more points in location sharing feature, roadside assistance and collision detection.

Looking ahead, Page said the roadmap for SoSecure going forward includes adding a bigger social aspect to encourage referrals between friends and to increase daily usage of the app.

“With our second big iteration, we really thought about how to make the app more useful, how to get more people to use it on a daily basis, so that it’s not an afterthought when a situation of emergency arises,” Page said.

Provide monitored security beyond the home

SoSecure is one way ADT is extending its professional monitoring services beyond homes and small businesses.

Another is a joint venture with Ford that is developing a solution that will protect both vehicles and cargo from thieves. This is to be launched early next year.

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