Luxury leaders agree: digital marketing is all about authenticity

Whether through Zoom or email, digital marketing and luxury real estate awareness is now the starting point of every interaction, and it needs to be strategic enough to take the prospect deeper into a possible personal interaction. .

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The digital experience cannot thrive without authenticity.

That was the collective message from Kofi Nartey of GLOBL Red (real estate development) and Julia Spillman, broker at Eklund, Gomes and Douglas Elliman, during a quick exchange on digital business at Luxury Connect in Las Vegas.

Whether through Zoom or email, digital marketing and outreach is now the starting point of every interaction, and it needs to be strategic enough to take the prospect deeper into a possible personal interaction.

Julia spillman

Spillman’s team was heading 100% digital before the pandemic, she told the crowd. “We have always been forward thinking,” she said. “But call it luck, call it strategy, when the [pandemic] hit, we were in a good position to double what we were already doing.

But, said Spillman, they’re still learning to navigate the digital game.

“It’s hard to balance the filter of perfection and keep the authenticity. People crave this imperfect perfection, ”she said.

The Spillman team is looking to keep the agent in the driver’s seat when it comes to digital messaging, but the brand needs to take the lead. It’s hard, she said.

Nartey, who launched GLOBL Red in May 2020, said video conferencing tools are great ways to let the agent lead while staying the brand first. His company operates around the world, so online connections are essential.

“You can guide them through the digital experience. This is where Zoom came in, this is where Facetime came in for us, ”he said. “We support them throughout the process in person, but online. “

Nartey encourages her team to share documents that can be discussed together through browser windows, allowing the agent to be there with questions instead of being on the other end of an inbox.

Customers today are rooted in the digital experience, but agents who can deliver it with a human element can make a difference.

Kofi Nartey

“It’s a skill,” Nartey said.

Spillman said it was not easy for all agents to transition to fully digital communications and business interactions.

“Translating personal experience into digital is the big question,” she said. “How do you find this emotional connection through different vehicles? “

Spillman explained to the audience how many of them may have met online at some point, perhaps through Zoom or some other digital Inman event, but now only meet in person.

“But I feel like I know them, so there is that connection.”

Nartey, who has appeared in feature films, said the transition from digital to in-person is similar to the difference between acting on stage and acting for television.

“Once in the funnel, how do you keep the connection?” Well, we have to go down a notch, it’s more nuanced, ”he said.

The balance between high-touch and high-tech is not easy to maintain, Nartey said.

“When you ask 50 luxury agents how they do it, you get 50 different answers,” he said. It’s about anticipating what they need and being proactive in meeting those needs.

Nartey says they’ll be doing a lot of the little things after digital interactions, like adding escrow dates and milestones to their customers’ calendars and sending them airport commute times to each listing for visiting customers.

“How can we take our service from A + to A ++? “

Spillman advised the public of luxury agents to focus on authenticity when marketing online.

“For all of us, the first thing to do is to present yourself in an authentic way, what is the message you want to send,” she said. “Honestly, what’s your digital presence? What do you want to articulate? “

Craig C. Rowe started out in commercial real estate on the cusp of the dot-com boom, helping a range of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents make technology and marketing decisions by reviewing software and technology for Inman.

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