Man arrested in sexual violence investigation triggered by social media posts

Suspect arrested in Lower Mainland faces recommended sexual assault charges

Victoria Police detectives have arrested a man in an ongoing investigation into sexual violence linked to a downtown bar and grill.

At the end of January, investigators became aware of a series of social media posts containing reports of sexual violence involving an employee of the bar and grill. Victoria Police have contacted the operators of the social media page and invited those with information to come forward. Many people did so to support the investigation, police said.

Detectives arrested a suspect in the Lower Mainland on Friday. He was then released with a court date and conditions, including conditions not to contact survivors of sexual violence related to the recommended charges.

The suspect faces several recommended charges of sexual assault.

The police did not name the bar and grill.

The allegations surfaced in late January on an Instagram account for survivors of sexual assault accusing an employee of Chuck’s Burger Bar. The employee was fired and the bar and grill subsequently closed.

Police are asking anyone with information about the reports who have not yet spoken to investigators to call 250-995-7655 ext. 1.

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