Margot Robbie’s TikTok lookalike stuns social media

Celebrity lookalikes are pretty common these days, but a new Margot Robbie lookalike on TikTok amazes social media users with how much she looks like the Suicide Squad Star. Anastasyia Prichinina is a model who manages the TikTok account @russian_harley_official, and posts cosplay videos of herself as an actress and her DC Comics movie character, Harley Quinn. It doesn’t take long, going through her clips, to realize that Prichinina bears a striking similarity to Robbie.

“You are literally the exact Margot Robbie lookalike,” one user commented on a video. Someone else added: “SO YOU ARE NOT MARGOT ROBBIE ???” It’s not just Robbie’s role in the movies that Prichinina is cosplaying, as she’s also disguised as Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. She is also occasionally joined by Kate Shumskaya, a friend who plays Black Widow’s Natasha Romanoff, due to her strong resemblance to Scarlett Johansson. Scroll down to see some clips and read what people are saying on social media!

“Lately I’ve been compared a lot to Margot Robbie and the character of Harley Quinn,” Prichinina wrote in a video of Robbie’s Harley turning into Prichinina’s face. “Watch out! This eye-opening video will finally reveal the mystery of who I really look like,” she added. “Watch to the end. This program never lies.”

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“You are Margot Robbie’s lost sister!” one Instagram user exclaimed. They then tagged Robbie in the comment and added, “We found your sister, come get her!”

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“Better than the original,” one Instagram user commented on a video of Prichinina and Shumskaya cosplaying Harley and Black Widow together.

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“It’s crazy how much you look like Margot Robbie,” wrote a fan on one of Prichinina’s posts.

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Mark Robbie in a comment, a follower like “Is this your clone?” Someone else added, “You are so beautiful” on the same post.

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One follower noted that they thought Prichinina looked like a mix of Robbie, Mila Kunis, and Emma Stone.

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Finally, a final fan commented on an article and wrote that Prichinina is “literally” Robbie’s “double”.


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