Marijuana retail, consumption outlets invited to set up in downtown Muskegon Heights

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MI – Muskegon Heights is ready to welcome recreational marijuana businesses, including downtown retail and consumer establishments.

City Council has approved an “adult-use” marijuana ordinance that allows cultivation, processing, safety compliance, transportation, retail and consumption as well as microenterprises where marijuana can be grown and sold.

“All around us, recreational marijuana is popping up,” Muskegon Heights Mayor Walter Watt told MLive. “We cannot continue to sit and watch our citizens move on and become consumers in other areas.”

The town of Muskegon rrecently expanded its recreational marijuana prescription, allowing a micro-marijuana business near its downtown as well as retail outlets on Apple Avenue in addition to its established neighborhood in the Seaway Drive / Laketon Avenue area.

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The Muskegon Heights ordinance allows retail outlets in the central business district as long as they allow cannabis consumption on the premises. However, these businesses must first receive a special land use permit from the city planning commission.

Retail and consumer establishments, which are also permitted in certain other areas of the city, are limited to three.

An application acceptance and approval process for adult-use marijuana businesses is being developed, with the goal of having it ready by the end of October, said the city manager of Muskegon Heights, Troy Bell.

The ordinance authorizes a maximum of five cultivation operations, five processing operations, five microenterprises, three outlets and three consumption centers.

Any business that allows both alcohol and marijuana use must cover the cost of having an additional police officer on site between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., Bell said.

Microenterprises can grow up to 150 plants, process them and sell them.

The city allows retail, consumer and micro-business establishments in its central business district and in certain shopping areas along Seaway Drive, and on Getty Street near East Broadway Avenue, East Sherman Boulevard and East Norton Avenue as long as they receive special land use permits. They are also allowed in many industrial areas without additional permits.

Transport, growth and processing companies are allowed in industrial zones. Safety compliance facilities are permitted in industrial areas and some commercial areas with special land use permits.

Retail and recreational marijuana use outlets will be permitted in Muskegon Heights in commercial areas, marked in red, dark red and dark yellow, with a special use permit. They are also allowed in industrial areas highlighted in light gray and dark gray.

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