Mask confusion intensifies after St. Louis County removes order from website

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri – A St. Louis County lawyer told a judge on Tuesday that his mask order had been removed from his website, but the county would continue to fight for a warrant.

Judge Ellen “Nellie” Ribaudo held a brief hearing with attorneys for Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and St. Louis County attorneys to discuss the impact of Cole Daniel Green’s ruling last week. The decision bars local governing bodies from imposing COVID-19 health orders, such as mask warrants.

Ribaudo has set another meeting for December 9 so that lawyers from both sides can meet and try to resolve the various outstanding issues.

Meanwhile, residents of the Saint-Louis area are unsure whether or not they should wear a mask.

“It’s really confusing for people like us,” said University of Washington student Rabbee Haidari. “Like, you walk in and don’t know what to do.”

Haidari said he was vaccinated and ready to follow the changing rules.

“Usually I come in and see what other people are doing,” he said.

Jamal Lewis, the owner of TNT Wieners on the Delmar Loop, said he was unsure which law to follow.

“I know there is a warrant, and there is no warrant,” he said.

Lewis said he received a notice asking him to put up a “mask required” sign, and he did not remove it.

“If someone refuses to wear a mask, I will just sit quietly at a table,” Lewis said. “I’ll take their order and bring them their food. I try to accommodate people. I think it’s probably best to keep the masks on to kind of stop the spread, so that we can keep the businesses running. “

It’s a similar situation at 2nd Shift Brewery in St. Louis, where they recently learned that a staff member tested positive for COVID.

“At the moment we are closed until we find out that everyone is safe,” said Steve Crieder, owner of 2nd Shift Brewery.

They are waiting for two other employees to collect their test results before reopening. Crieder said they supported the guidelines for wearing masks.

“No one else had it here because we wear a mask,” he said. “We disinfect and just try to be careful. Personally, it’s our family. Literally our children are here.

Despite the confusion, Crieder said his clients seemed to understand and did not resist their mask rule.

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