Matt Chandler: Megachurch pastor to resign for sending inappropriate social media messages to a woman. Read here

A mega-church pastor steps down after sending a woman inappropriate texts on social media. The pastor will take a leave of absence following the investigation. Dallas Morning News reports suggest church elders reviewed his posts by hiring a law firm. Southern Baptist Village Senior Pastor Matt Chandler used to text, and someone reported it.

The clash

Church elders say Matt Chandler was confronted a few months ago by someone who was concerned about how Matt was sending direct messages to women who weren’t his wife. A law firm vetted the senior pastor of the village church after he was hired by church elders. The law firm checked his message history.

Church elders said Matt violated their internal social media usage policies and noted that while the posts weren’t sexual or romantic, their familiarity and frequency crossed a line. Megachurch pastor Matt Chandler said no one would be above the scriptures and Jesus Christ in his church. He claimed that the elders of the church found something unhealthy in him. He said he fell short of the standard the gods expected of him.

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Sexual abuse allegations

Matt Chandler’s news comes after the Southern Baptist Church released a 300-page report that found elders were hiding or denying allegations of sexual abuse within their organization.

Matt Chandler will resign and take a leave of absence.


Q1. Who is Matt Chandler?

A1. Matt Chandler is a pastor of the Southern Baptist Megachurch.

Q2. Why is Matt Chandler quitting?

A2. Matt Chandler quits after he was caught sending inappropriate messages to women who weren’t his wife.

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