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Vancouver mobile office application development

Vancouver mobile office application development

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SEO Service Agencies Vancouver

The core product modules are all independently built, fully interoperable, and coordinated with each other to create the best user experience.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, May 28, 2021 / – Mini mobile office Application development – IOS application; ChinaSEO announced that we are not only focusing on SEO, but also application development.

In 2020; we have developed an Office application for our Chinese client.

Application features:
The core product modules are all independently built, fully interoperable, and coordinated with each other to create the best user experience. Full use of mobile internet technology (location, voice, camera, video, etc.), powerful mobile product experience and functions, seamlessly connect to the computer side and get full coverage of work scenes.

Convenient and fluid communication

Company letter
Communicate anytime, permanently keep historical chat records and files; post group announcements and members can see them on time.
Send emails anytime and anywhere to add internal and external contacts within the company; new mail reminders, important mails will no longer be missed.

Conference call
By connecting to over 200 countries and regions, you can enjoy high-quality real-time audio and video calls wherever you are. [2]

Make sure work notifications are delivered in a timely manner, increase employee attention, and make it clear what has been read and what has not.

Provide a shared learning space within the company, promote communication between employees and create a business atmosphere.
Efficient and standardized management
Customize approval forms and procedures for reimbursement, leave, purchase, and more, and submit, request, and collect anytime.

Employees run general reports, daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports, and cell phones and computers can approve and guide.

Set check-in time and location, use cell phone positioning, Wi-Fi and other combinations to complete participation.

Employees have a complete understanding of attendance status for leave, business travel, fieldwork and attendance, and work hours are easily calculated.

Collaboration in place
High-level management methods for organization and collaboration, support for custom forms, multitasking, and more to facilitate statistics and monitor progress.

From task liberation, tracking, collaboration to archiving, full recordings, discover and improve issues anytime.
Conference assistant
Book meeting rooms, combine schedules, improve efficiency in meeting organization, and efficiently manage meeting room resources.

Set up an alarm clock to organize work, meetings and receptions in an orderly fashion, without missing every key connection.

Control file data access at different levels and support various file preview, download, move, copy, save and share.
Digital and intelligent

Smart briefing
The new business intelligence service provides data support for managers’ decision-making operations. Based on business operations and big data operations, it automatically identifies operational risks and anomalies and sends summary reports in a timely manner. Allow managers to quickly make correct judgments.

voice assistant
The micro-desktop client supports voice conversations, and the micro-mirror upgrades the intelligent desktop assistant to realize two-way human-machine interaction, and complete the work creation processing between words ! Help you quickly manage business content and answer questions from the office. Request it anytime, anywhere.

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