Minneapolis North basketball player posted racist message on social media ahead of state championship game – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minneapolis North basketball player received a racist message on social media Friday night, shortly after a win that took the team to the state championship.

Director of Basketball Operations Trent Witz posted a screenshot of the message that would have been sent to the online player. The message contains derogatory language and use of the N-word.

“I wish I could say such a comment is rare, but it’s not; these are the types of incidents that our program routinely deals with that are becoming all too common across our state,” Polars head coach Larry McKenzie wrote.

He released a statement online, saying his “heart breaks” for his players, who also struggled with the loss of a teammate and the teachers’ strike.

“We hope this young man will be held accountable for his message, but we also hope that he and others can learn that such racist comments are hurtful and unacceptable under any circumstances,” McKenzie continued.

Friday’s social media post is the latest in a string of racist high school incidents across Minnesota. New Prague has been repeatedly accused of racism at sporting events. The Minnetonka girls’ basketball coach has quit after a player used a racial slur against classmates.

The Prior Lake women’s basketball team ended their season early after a player found a racist note in her gym bag. In early March, a video surfaced in Edina that targeted Asian and Jewish communities.

The top-ranked Polars are scheduled to compete in the state championship on Saturday afternoon. They will face Annandale at Williams Arena.

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