Mobile app market is ‘invaluably diverse’, says Big Tech

IT companies, including Big Tech’s biggest targets of a potential overhaul of antitrust regulations, told the National Telecommunications & Information Administration that the mobile apps market is already a “fair, open and competitive market” and that the Using Antitrust Enforcement to Address Perceived Inequalities Could Hurt Consumers and Innovation.

That’s according to comments filed by the Computer & Communications Industry Association.

The NTIA, the White House’s chief communications policy adviser, asked for comment last month on the state of mobile app competition, with one request suggesting that app competition needs to be “restored” and that the he goal was one of the “key priorities” of President Biden’s executive order. on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.”

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The CCIA, whose members include Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, essentially told the NTIA “nothing to do here,” or at least nothing that could not be fixed by Congress with federal privacy standards. “Growth and innovation in the mobile application ecosystem, along with rapid advances in the power and diversity of mobile devices, have created an extremely competitive environment for the benefit of consumers, developers and the IT industry. “, did he declare.

The CCIA renewed its call for Congress to introduce federal privacy legislation to protect consumer privacy on mobile apps rather than asking the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to “rewrite the practice antitrust and case law accumulated over decades”, in the process “overlooking the significant constraints facing multi-faceted businesses and, therefore, finding anti-competitive behavior where none exists.”

He said such “false positives” by regulators or courts “deter innovation and hinder consumer welfare.”

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