Mom posts vulgar video with her underage son on social media; wins the wrath of DCW


The extent of the depravity caused by the misuse of social media is indeed terrifying.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) sent a notice to the city police demanding that an FIR be filed against a woman who allegedly uploaded a video clip of “vulgar dancing” with her son to social media.

In order to gain popularity on social media, the woman created a video in which she can be seen dancing in a “vulgar and provocative manner” with a 10 to 12-year-old boy whom she claims to be her son, the panel said. .

The video was posted to Instagram reels from an account that has over 1.60 lakh of subscribers.

“Upon hearing suo motu of the case, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) sent a notice to the Delhi police requesting that an FIR be registered against the woman,” he added.

DCW said that in the video, the woman performed such activities “which may be characterized as sexual activity with a minor child.”

“The actions of the lady cannot be seen as the behavior of an adult with a minor child, that too her own child,” he said.

The commission said its activities will not only seriously affect the mental state of the child involved in the video, but also negatively impact people, including other children who watch the video.

“The child in question, who seems to have been sexualized at such an early stage and is learning to objectify his own mother, will, if not controlled today, will also be inclined to objectify other women and may develop a criminal mindset. The way the male child in the video appears to be sexualized, one needs to investigate whether he is / has been subjected to other forms of sexual abuse, ”he said.

The DCW, through its opinion, asked Delhi Police to register an FIR in the case and arranged for the child’s counseling and rehabilitation.

DCW Chief Swati Maliwal said: “Although social media acts as an incredible platform for showcasing talent, people sometimes cross all the limits of immodesty in an effort to gain popularity… We have also asked the police to remove these messages from all platforms. ‘


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