MyAIS The Only Thai Lifestyle App By Thai Mobile Service Provider In The Top 10 User Engagement Adding Health, Shopping & Dining Features “We Know You Best and Give You More than you expect “Ready to become a fully customized awesome app

November 12, 2021: Serving its 43.7 million customers both in terms of user experience and offering exclusive privileges to meet their needs has always been AIS goal. At the heart of this is improving service delivery channels to conform to modern online lifestyles. AIS’s continued efforts in this direction has resulted in myAIS becoming the number 1 Thai lifestyle app which Thailand Digital Stat 2021 by ‘we are social’ ranked it in its Top 10 Most Used Apps ( including all popular foreign social media platforms) by Thais. . More recently, highlighting the concept “We know you best and give you more than you expect”, myAIS has added new features for today’s key lifestyles: health, shopping and dining. , all in one application.

Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Client Management and Services at AIS noted: “By following the behavior of using the service through different channels by customers and the Thai public, we found that the online channel like myAIS, which combined the functions of the AIS store and the AIS call center , has become the number one channel as the most used application with over 30 million transactions / month from 8 million active users / month. The total number of downloads has increased by 50% compared to last year. We believe this is because the app caters to all of people’s needs in real time. For this reason, we have always been determined to continue to develop myAIS to meet the demands of ever-changing modern lifestyles and provide a more convenient experience. improve the user experience in the New Normal to another level. ”

myAIS now offers additional services to meet the needs of clients of the 3 key lifestyles:

  • Health: The services and privileges of the wellness category have been grouped together. For health, there are discounts on telemedicine services, insurance against the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, and discounts at more than 400 major pharmacies across the country. Following the trend of growing interest in health and beauty, AIS has extended the “online dermatology” service in partnership with Skin X, the first app to provide a full range of online skin care services. AIS and AIS Fiber customers benefit from a 100 baht discount. AIS Serenade customers can get a free consultation worth 250 Baht.
  • Purchases: Since the start of the year, the redemption of online purchasing privileges has doubled. AIS has therefore partnered with The Mall to bring the store to customers’ smartphones as part of the “myAIS Mobile Life Store Powered by M Online” campaign. Easy shopping on myAIS is for fans of online shopping, with attractive personalized product offers. Over 250 featured products are eligible for discount privileges up to 400 Baht for a purchase of 2,000 Baht or more.
  • To eat: AIS offers many discounts on food delivery. During the recent lockdown, the total number of privileges exchanged continued to increase to more than 6 times the amount before the pandemic. Now that the government has allowed food delivery platforms to join Phase 3 of the 50/50 program, AIS has partnered with LINE MAN to keep customers full, with over 50% off! Simply redeem AIS points for a food discount of up to 60 Baht when ordering the 50/50 program with LINE MAN.

On top of that, in myAIS we have prepared a host of rewards for redeeming points at the end of the year, as well as some cool rewards that Aunjai first associated with ReenP and Jay The Rabbit / LINE Stickers and New Exclusive Prize Collections / Sweepstakes such as PlayStation5, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G (512GB) and Gold with a total value of over 10 Million Baht.

“We are extremely proud to be part of supporting the recently affected traders. myAIS is another key channel that helps AIS customers track and redeem their AIS points for cash back, helping to keep small stores afloat as part of the AIS Pa-Ruay program. There are now up to 10,000 participating merchants, as well as Tungngern stores in the Point Pay program, a collaboration with Krung Thai Bank. The full amount of AIS points can be redeemed, or customers can get a discount by paying in cash. There are now over 45,000 participating merchants, which will grow to 200,000 by the end of the year. By the end of next year, Tungngern’s merchants will number 700,000 nationwide.

Each time, we have been aware that the consumer is more and more sophisticated. Meeting their needs to provide the right services and experiences requires a deep understanding of the changes that have taken place. It is a challenge to create services that meet both functional and emotional needs. Our goal is that customers receive the best experience from us. A single product or service will not be the answer for every group of customers. It’s the end of an era for One Size Fits All. myAIS is proof that we have been and always will continue to strive to improve our capabilities to deliver seamless experiences that will effectively meet the needs of different customer groups, preparing us to become a super custom app in the near future, ”said concluded Bussaya.


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