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A new campaign website launched Tuesday by the Indiana Democratic Party warns that U.S. Sen. Hoosiers Todd Young, R-Ind., cannot be trusted.

The website – TwoFacedTodd.com – says the Republican senator often says one thing to voters when he’s in Indiana and does something completely different when Young is working in Washington, DC.

For example, the website quotes Young telling Hoosiers that he opposes “socialist spending” by the federal government. But he notes that Young voted to approve federal spending legislation as a member of the House and Senate, which has added trillions of dollars to the national debt since 2011.

The website also points out that Young regularly defends former Republican President Donald Trump in Indiana, while Young brags in Washington that he doesn’t need Trump’s endorsement to win a second six-year term. in the Senate.

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More recently, the website observes Young touting his stint as a Marine on the campaign trail, but shows that Young originally voted against federal funding for the specific health care needs of veterans of post-11 wars. September in Afghanistan, Iraq and other sites where “burners” have been used for military waste disposal.

“In his 12 years in Washington, Young added $16 trillion to the national debt, did nothing on immigration, and turned his back on Hoosier veterans. The senator even mocks Republicans MAGA who elected him in 2016. He can’t be trusted by the Hoosiers,” Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl said.

“Todd Young is the two-faced politician the Hoosiers hate the most. It’s time to send a fighter to Washington who will put Indiana’s future – not partisan BS – first. That fighter is Tom McDermott , which supports our veterans, put it like it is, would protect Social Security and Medicare, help reduce costs for families and workers, and always uphold a woman’s right to choose,” Schmuhl said. .

The Young campaign declined to comment on the Democratic Party’s website, just as it has repeatedly refused to respond to various serious and unserious attempts by McDermott, Hammond’s five-term mayor and Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, to drag the senator in a direct confrontation to come. of the November 8 general election.

The two U.S. Senate candidates, along with libertarian James Scéniak, are due to pledge Oct. 16 when they meet at an Indianapolis television studio for their only scheduled debate before Election Day, sponsored by the Non-Commission supporter of the Indiana debate.

“Two-Faced Todd” is the third website launched in recent weeks by the Indiana Democratic Party in an effort to reach voters who primarily rely on websites for information about political candidates.

The first, Jennifer-TruthGreen.com, highlights the anti-abortion policies favored by Republican congressional candidate from northwest Indiana, Jennifer-Ruth Green, while DiegoNoMorals.com lambastes Diego Morales, candidate for Secretary from the Indiana GOP state.

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