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Vadodara: For those feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and want an ear to vent frustration, help is just a mobile app away. A Vadodara-based startup has launched an app to address mental health issues for those who are particularly reluctant to seek professional help.
A city computer graduate, Hakimuddin Vohra took the initiative after facing difficult situations in his personal life. While chatting with strangers on social media, it helped him decide to come up with a system that provided similar “anonymous” help to others.
Vohra’s father had to undergo expensive heart treatment after a heart attack. At this point, he was also in the final year of his degree and worried about his future. But he couldn’t discuss his situation with anyone. The young man eventually found help from strangers he met on social media platforms.
For her new initiative, Vohra has secured help from various state government programs and MS University (MSU) as well as her father.
In 2018, he founded the company HAZHTeq Innovations and launched BeFriends, the “listening” application in 2020. He was joined in his efforts by his brother Huzefa then by Uttan Prasad who looked into the technical aspects of the application as well as Rukaiya Sheikh Mehmood, who is a consultant.
Vohra said the initiative has led to more than 150 counseling sessions. Nearly 40% of them have been in the app and others outside of it. “We are still running a closed beta test and the app will be updated with more features soon,” he said.

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