Neurodiverse and Neurotypical Youth ‘Find Balance’ with Five-11’s New Mental Health-Focused Mobile App

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Five-11, a Phoenix-based research and technology company, launches “Find balanceA one-of-a-kind, holistic health and wellness app for young people to track, monitor and improve their sleep, mood, activity and mindfulness.

“Children and teens are struggling,” said Erin Carr-Jordan, CEO of Five-11. “Over the past decade, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues among young people have continued to increase at alarming rates, and childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past four decades. . The pandemic has created new stressors – and further exacerbated the struggles young people already face.

Dr Carr-Jordan and Dr Annissa Furr have combined their 30 years of experience in health and human development to create this new tool. “As mothers and researchers, we are committed to improving the health, safety and well-being of young people around the world,” Carr-Jordan said.

With physical and mental health inextricably linked, Finding Balance addresses both. The app uses a combination of science-backed positive psychology and motivational theory to encourage and engage users. “We focused on behaviors and activities known to have the greatest impact on total well-being,” said COO Furr.

Drs. met with neurotypical and neurodiversified children as well as parents, caregivers and clinicians to ensure inclusive design. The result is an intuitive, highly visual interface with easy-to-read displays and colorful emojis that empower young people to be agents of their own health and well-being while providing caregivers with important information about daily experiences. children.

From exercise prompts to meditations and breathing exercises, Finding Balance promotes overall well-being, reduces stress and anxiety, increases happiness, and improves sleep in a fun and engaging way. Finding Balance works by encouraging users to identify their feelings, record their activity and sleep, and practice mindfulness.

“I really like the way Finding Balance helps me track myself and my progress. Getting feedback when I get into my emotions helps me calm down and relax, ”said Finn, a 15-year-old user.

“The messages I get when I add my feelings make me feel better,” said Logan, an 11-year-old user.

“Independence is a key factor in improving the well-being of young people,” Carr-Jordan said. A custom algorithm generates a Balance score. Scoring helps children identify patterns and triggers to recognize when they are out of balance, allowing them to correct themselves or seek help.

The founders of Finding Balance are motivated to help young people because of alarming statistics like these:

Find balance is available on the App Store for iOS users. New subscribers pay just $ 3.99 per month for an individual or $ 11.99 per month for a family of up to six users.

About Five-11

Five-11 is a goal-driven, women-founded company that uses inclusive design and positive psychology to improve the health and well-being of young people. Founded in 2015 by Erin Carr-Jordan, Ph.D., and Annissa Furr, Ph.D., Five-11 is committed to improving the lives of children and adolescents around the world. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter.

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