New AppMail Software Changes Email Marketing

What does this mean for the future of email marketing?

Some people mistakenly believe that email marketing has leveled off in terms of what it can offer a business. Even if this was not the case before, this development could breathe new life into the industry.

When we were presented with this new development, we had a few questions. We reached out to Shi Li, CEO and Founder of AppMail, and asked him about his product.

Will the technology that enables this feature result in increased email marketing costs?

“AppMail is performance marketing, the costs come from increased revenue. So in reality it should be cheaper. However, due to the complexity of the dynamic integration of email, cloud service and data automation required, if brands try to build everything in-house, they are likely to see an increase in CAPEX (capital expenditure). ). “

Is this feature strictly patented by AppMail? Or will other EM software be able to integrate it into their own service?

“AppMail has approved an airline use case patent and a pipeline of other patent pending utility use cases. Other EM software can certainly integrate the technology as long as it is not an infringement of our intellectual property.

“If this technology were to be used responsibly by email marketing software, it could change the world of email marketing, making it easier for customers to engage with a product or service,” thus giving the company more conversions and engagement. ”

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