New study by How to Bet website shows fans of the sport are the smartest


There have always been arguments between fans of different teams and different sports, about which fan group is the smartest.

Could it be that we finally have a winner in this regard?

If the How to Bet study is any indication, Roman Reigns (and WWE) fans might have the final say.

This study carried out by the site has shown that it’s actually WWE fans who top America’s smartest fans list. WWE fans narrowly beat NHL fans, with an average IQ score in the survey of 112.6. NHL fans scored 112.3, to finish in second.

Cristian Campan, who heads the How to bet on the site for Raketech, was very happy to see the test results and then to interpret the data.

How to Bet survey showed WWE supporters are the smartest sports fans

“In an effort to dispel old myths and determine the intelligence level of sports fans, How to Bet has partnered with a team of psychologists to test the IQs of 1,006 American sports fans“said Campan.” The distance IQ test assessed participants’ cognitive skills in four areas: verbal, mathematical, logical and visual and confirmed that the smartest sports fans are those whose favorite sport to watch is wrestling in WWE.

“The psychologists administering the test therefore suggested that watching wrestling and following the characters, storylines and wrestling movements can increase intelligence to some extent.”

The methodology worked that way. How to Bet, along with a team of professional psychologists, administered a four-part IQ test to 1,006 American sports fans, who have supported at least one sport and team from Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), NASCAR and WWE wrestling. The questions were designed to measure four key indicators of intelligence, which were verbal intelligence (reading, writing and comprehension tests to measure learning and problem-solving ability), mathematical ability ( problem-solving and arithmetic tests provide a good foundation for general intelligence), Logical Reasoning (puzzle-based questions designed to measure lateral thinking and creativity), and Visual Reasoning (visual questions, such as spotting l ‘intruder and find identical images in a collection to measure the ability to process visual material).

In addition to the data on WWE fans, this also showed that the women tested had a slightly higher IQ score, while fans of WWE wrestler Roman Reigns topped the list with an average score of 126. . fanbase in the northeast had the smartest fanbase distinction for a team.

“The study categorized each participant according to gender preferences and found that female sports fans were smarter than their male counterparts,” Campan said. “Female sports fans scored an average IQ of 109.60, while male sports fans scored an average IQ of 105.50.

“When it comes to fans of specific teams and individuals, wrestler Roman Reigns’ supporters were the smartest overall with an IQ score of 126.40, while the Boston Bruins earned the accolade. to have the smartest fan base on a team. “

Before taking the remote test, participants were asked for a series of demographic identifiers that enabled to calculate the results of this study.


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