New website puts Aotearoa New Zealand on ocean science map

The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO has developed a new website – – which showcases the outstanding work currently underway in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the Pacific in ocean science.

The website was developed to recognize Aotearoa New Zealand’s contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 to 2030).

The United Nations Decade for Ocean Science (the Decade) aims to reverse the global decline in ocean health and campaign for transformative ocean science to inform solutions that will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. the 2030 horizon.

The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO is leading New Zealand’s response to the Decade.

“The ocean is an integral part of the life and well-being of all people in the Pacific. That is why we are making the Decade of Ocean Science a priority. We want to showcase and support activities that weave different knowledge systems, enabling multidisciplinary research and the promotion of mutual learning, both within Aotearoa New Zealand and globally, ”said Robyn Baker, Commission New Zealand National for UNESCO.

The website promotes the goals of the Decade and allows users to search for oceanographic projects currently underway in New Zealand and the Pacific. The website also showcases the importance of indigenous knowledge (especially Maori Matauranga and Pacific knowledge) in ocean science.

The Decade recognizes the importance of indigenous knowledge systems weaving ideas and evidence into ocean science to produce solutions to address declining ocean health.

The Decade is an opportunity to increase the mobilization of the scientific community, policy makers, businesses and civil society around multidisciplinary solutions to local (Aotearoa and Pacific) and global ocean problems.

“Better linking science to society and increasing citizen science is essential for creating societies that strive to find solutions to today’s economic, social and environmental challenges and achieve sustainable development,” said Robyn Baker.

The website was launched in Parliament by the Honorable Jan Tinetti, Minister responsible for UNESCO, on the occasion of United Nations World Oceans Day on June 8. World Oceans Day celebrates our world’s common ocean and our personal connection to the sea, as well as raising awareness of the crucial role the ocean plays in our lives and the important ways people can help protect it.


UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its objective is to lay the foundations for sustainable peace and development through dialogue and the sharing of knowledge.

The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO represents New Zealand to UNESCO and takes the best of UNESCO’s collective resources, networks, programs and connections and applies them in a way that benefits New Zealand.

The National Commission partners with and supports programs, initiatives, events and promotional activities that are relevant to UNESCO’s mandate and contribute to the consolidation of peace in New Zealand. He also plays an active role in UNESCO’s work in the Pacific.

The National Commission creates opportunities for people to come together locally, nationally and internationally (virtually), providing space, opportunity and time to “build peace through dialogue”.

The National Commission has set up a New Zealand Aotearoa Decade Committee facilitate national contributions to the Decade and serve as a vehicle for information at the international level. Members are drawn from ocean science, indigenous knowledge, governments and youth representatives. It covers a wide range of expertise on scientific research themes related to the oceans, the Aotearoa / New Zealand and Pacific regions as well as the Maori and the Pacific..

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