New Wyoming Archives and Museum Website Showcase COVID-19 Memorabilia

This photo, taken in May 2020, is of the Wyo theater in downtown Laramie. The image is part of the new “COVID-19 in Wyoming” website. (Photo by Hanna Fox)

LARAMIE – I wonder what happened in Wyoming last year? Visit the new “COVID-19 in Wyoming” website for a glimpse of the past.

To access the website, go to

This new website features some of the many fascinating gifts shared with the Wyoming State Archives, Wyoming State Museum, and the American Heritage Center (AHC) at the University of Wyoming that help tell the story of the pandemic. in Wyoming.

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Over the past year, people from all over Wyoming have sent in their stories and shared their experiences of what life with COVID-19 has been like. The “COVID-19 in Wyoming” website includes photos of homemade masks; COVID monologues from a performing arts studio; posts on the website of government officials; interviews with university students; protest photos; and television commercials. These examples show the many ways the pandemic has impacted lives and illustrate how people are coping and thriving.

By bringing these stories together at the Wyoming State Archives, the Wyoming State Museum, and the AHC, we will paint what future generations will see, hear and understand about this unique time. With the new online platform, the Wyoming community can easily see the not-too-distant past and get a feel for how far we’ve come since early 2020.

If you would like to add your own story, or for more information, email State Archivist Kathy Marquis at [email protected]; Jennifer Alexander, Wyoming State Museum, at [email protected]; or AHC Archivist Sara Davis at [email protected]

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