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Administrators responded to a perceived threat to the Newton Community School District on social media on December 14. Newton News has learned that the threat was posted online and featured an image of a replica firearm.

Superintendent Tom Messinger said in a statement that the threat was reported to the Newton High School district administration. The officials acted immediately, he said, working with the parents, the central office administration and the local police department to keep everyone safe.

“The district is confident that there is currently no threat to anyone at Newton High School or in the district,” Messinger said. “The situation is being managed in accordance with state law, board policy and the student manual.”

Board policy states that students can be expelled for violating board policy, school rules or the law. It is at the discretion of the NCSD Board of Education to discipline a student using expulsion for a single offense or for a series of offenses depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the offense.

In the “Student Conduct” chapter of the board’s policy manual, the district states that “inappropriate student conduct causes material and substantial disruption to the school environment, interferes with the rights of others, or poses a threat to society. health and safety of students, employees and visitors on school premises.

Newton Police Chief Rob Burdess said the student who allegedly posted the social media post has been identified by authorities. All charges related to the threat are pending. The case is still under investigation. Burdess said the police department is thoroughly investigating any threat, even if it is perceived to be minor.

The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance, Burdess added. The police chief encouraged others to immediately contact authorities or school staff if they hear or see anything they feel is suspicious or that could harm people in the neighborhood.

Read Messinger’s full statement here:

“Earlier today, a social media post containing a perceived threat was reported to Newton High School administration. School officials acted immediately and worked with parents, central office administration and the Newton Police Department to keep everyone safe. The district is confident that there is currently no threat to anyone at Newton High School or in our district. The situation is managed in accordance with state law, board policy, and the student manual. “

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