Now That Google Has Removed These 13 Mobile Apps, You Should Also Remove Them Immediately

Dangerous Android apps: Google has removed many Android apps from its Play Store. It is alleged that these apps unfairly target users. Along with this, the problem is that millions of users have already downloaded these apps. These apps target users through ads and also slow down their phones. If you have installed any of these apps as well, you should remove it immediately.

Indeed, the computer security company McAfee presented a report on many dangerous applications present on the Google Play Store. It was claimed in the report that these apps falsely serve advertisements to users. These apps fill the user’s phone with advertisements after which the user’s phone freezes and becomes slow. Although Google banned 13 dangerous Android apps from Google Play Store after McAfee’s report, these apps were also downloaded by many users.

Google checks the safety of the app before listing it on its play store, but many times these unsafe apps get listed on the Google play store by escaping the safety cycle. After that, it becomes difficult to identify them. Most of these dangerous apps included the names of spam cleaner apps, which mistakenly used users’ phones.

Full List of Dangerous Android Apps

  1. Trash Cleaner – Trash Cleaner
  2. Complete cleaning
  3. Quick Cleaner – Quick Cleaner
  4. Keep clean – Keep cleaner
  5. super clean
  6. clean cold
  7. very clean
  8. Clean Meteor – Clean Meteor
  9. power doctor
  10. Fingertip cleanser
  11. windy clean
  12. Easy cleanser – Easy cleanser
  13. Carpet cleaning – Carpet cleaning

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