NPC Develops Mobile App to Digitize Birth and Death Records

Nasir Kwarra, director general of the National Population Commission (NPC), says the commission has developed an app to ensure digital birth and death registration in the country.

Kwarra revealed this on Wednesday on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day 2022 in Abuja.

The NPC boss said the commission was reviewing the current Compulsory Births and Deaths Act 1992 to take account of emerging technologies in civil registration and vital statistics systems.

“As part of these integration and digitization efforts, the commission has developed the VitalReg Pro platform, a data collection and reporting mobile application software designed for online and offline birth registration. and deaths,” he said.

“The software application was used by more than 400 volunteers acting as non-commissioned civil registrars who used their Android phones to register births in households, communities and fixed health posts during the birth registration and supplementary immunization activities”.

The federal government, through the NPC, had also announced its plans organize a national census next year after the general elections.

As of December 2020, NPC estimated 206 million people live in Nigeria, an increase of eight million people in two years.

The country’s national census was last conducted in 2006.

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