Oak Park Communications Heads to the Cloud

The Village of Oak Park will soon improve its communications with a redesigned website, community engagement portal and new customer service center. The village’s current software provider, Granicus, will be responsible for carrying out this online overhaul. Granicus has been the village’s software provider for over a decade.

“We have an existing relationship with Granicus and have learned to trust the products they provide,” Oak Park spokesman Erik Jacobsen said.

Although no contract has been approved, the Village Council asked staff on July 25 to move forward with the proposal to expand the services Granicus currently provides by moving to the Granicus Government Experience Cloud. . The suite of programs is like a one-stop-shop, offering all the resources needed to implement village communication plans.

Using Granicus allows for a more streamlined approach than using several different software vendors.

Under the terms of the proposal, the village would upgrade its existing Granicus subscription to include programs delivered in Government Experience Cloud, entering into a three-year contractual agreement.

Currently, the village spends about $45,000 a year on Granicus. His current contract has an annual fee of $32,258. The village also spends $10,000 a year on routine maintenance and $3,300 on email marketing costs.

The new arrangement would cost the village an additional $50,000 to $55,000, as the village’s existing Granicus expenses will be rolled into the new contract. The majority of the cost increase is largely due to the community service center and the engagement portal, according to Jacobsen.

First-year costs, according to the proposal, include $74,797 in one-time setup and configuration fees, as well as $48,077 in pro-rated subscription fees, with credit for subscription fees already paid. for a total of $105,243.

For the second and third years, the village would have to pay $94,119 and $100,707 respectively for subscription fees.

The village council was largely satisfied with the services provided by Granicus, with the exception of Trustee Ravi Parakkat, who said Government Experience Cloud does not include a mobile phone app.

“I’m not there yet to say this is the solution for the future,” he told his fellow board members. “So you’ll have to convince me or outvote me.”

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