Oceania Aviation launches new website and refreshes its brand

Oceania Aviation press release | June 13, 2021

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Major MRO supplier Oceania Aviation has just unveiled its redesigned website (oceania-aviation.com), as well as a significant refresh to its brand logo, colors and design elements. These changes mark the start of a new chapter for the MRO business, which has provided a wide range of aftermarket support as well as the sale of aircraft and parts to the global aviation industry for nearly 30 years now. . Greg Edmonds, CEO of Oceania Aviation’s parent company, Salus Aviation, said “2020 has been a year of significant change for Oceania Aviation’s business. From the effects of COVID-19 on our operations to a significant restructuring of leadership and changes in our New Zealand engineering bases, we believe 2021 is a good time to refresh and improve our presence within the aviation industry. We have a number of major updates underway in terms of new partnerships, products, facilities and capabilities – and our new branding and website is a great representation of our more innovative and technologically advanced approach. business for the next five years. We have extremely ambitious goals both locally and globally to be a game-changer in the aviation market, delivering a better customer experience and more complete MRO solutions tailored to our global network. “

Oceania Aviation’s new website offers improved functionality and user experience. Oceania image

The refreshed but still very familiar Oceania Aviation branding has undergone a major color change and design refinement, replacing its old orange and black scheme with a blue and gold color scheme that more closely matches Salus Aviation and updates the appearance of the brand to reflect the group’s ethics “Excellence at altitude”. The logo remains similar to its predecessor, with the same familiar favicon and ‘O’ lettering, but in a new stacked format and with the brand’s new blue color included. The company chose to keep its well-known helicopter and fixed wing icons as part of the brand thanks to overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and customers, but they adopted the new brand colors blue and gold.

Oceania’s new, modernized website features a range of visual and technical enhancements, including a new parts finder (which allows users to search the entire Oceania parts inventory), a contact feature simpler and more targeted, and a much higher level of information on the activities of the company. MRO, OEM services and capabilities. Their aircraft sales pages, which are already an extremely popular area of ​​the previous website, are now much easier to navigate with clear features, contact details, and direct links to detailed specification documents for each aircraft. Salus Aviation Group Marketing Manager Liv Lewis-Long said: “We are incredibly proud of what will be a vastly improved website experience for our customers. This is the result of months of hard work by many company employees and partners and we are very pleased with the improved browsing experience.

The Oceania Aviation brand has undergone a major color change and design refinement, replacing its old orange and black scheme with a blue and gold color scheme. Oceania image

Oceania Aviation will present its new brand for the very first time at the week-long ROTORTECH show in Brisbane, Australia, with its special Cargo Pod display flayed in the brand’s new design and its delegates in the company’s new uniforms. . As a major industry sponsor of ROTORTECH, they will also have the new logo displayed throughout the convention center and on all exhibition media. And even more exciting for ROTORTECH attendees, their Cargo Pod is available for purchase at a very special price until the event closes.

This press release has been prepared and distributed by Oceania Aviation.

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