Out Now, Land of Screens proves dodging social media is harder than you think – GameSpew

Country of screens, which is available now, challenges your protagonist to stay away from social media. Sounds easy, right?

Not enough. She broke up with her boyfriend of five years and decided to stay off Facebook, Twitter and others. But the real challenge is to stay away from anyone who also has access to social media who, in turn, might attract him again.

It might sound like a cue for a stealth game or a stalk-and-slash where you run around smashing people’s phones with a big hammer. But, instead, it’s a short point-and-click adventure where you have to guide Holland (also seen in the games Destiny half past and Date) to screen-free freedom.


Country of screens sports a suitably attractive cartoon-style aesthetic, though before we realized it was her hair, we thought Holland was being stalked by a giant meatball. We’re curious to see how Holland’s story unfolds, whether she continues to avoid social media or realizes that 99% of people just don’t care about her breakup drama.

Country of screens, from Serenity Forge and Way Down Deep, is available now on PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch for around £5. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to tell the world about our Wordle score.

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