Panda Express is trending on social media

With Chinese fast food, no place is better known than Panda Express.

The restaurant chain is famous for its Kung Pao and Orange chicken dishes.

However, the restaurant chain is now trending on social media.

What makes them suddenly trending on the internet?

Panda Express Trending started from a slanderous tweet

On Tuesday night, a Twitter user went to use expansive language to describe Panda Express.

However, lovers of the Chinese fast food chain did not take the hatred from this one person.

With this tweet, more and more Panda Express fans came out to express their love for the fast food chain.

Although no one saw this trend happening, it turned out to be entertainment for people.

Twitter users who love their Chinese fast food made funny tweets about their love for Panda Express.

Nothing beats Honey Walnut Shrimp, according to Andres Lopez on Twitter.

Others were expressing how they couldn’t handle the negativity thrown at Panda Express.

But for some, it was the first time they heard the Panda Express slander.

No matter which side people take, Panda Express is here to stay.

As people argue online whether the fast food chain is good or not, they will use it to thrive.

So while one person thought his slander was going to work, it clearly backfired.

Too many people online have fallen in love with Panda Express’ great food.

So, while the haters are there, Panda Express customers help them trend online in an efficient way.

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