Payment Software Pioneer Regpack Partners with NYLA Talent for Innovative Automated Billing Solution

“We are delighted that NYLA has chosen Regpack as their payment partner in a highly competitive field, and we look forward to supporting them as they discover the vast potential of our system to transform their business.”

Regpack, a leader in software that enables quick and easy automation of billing and other business processes, is pleased to announce its partnership with NYLA Talent, a network of over 100 agents, casting directors, managers and casting houses. records that brings great talent and unparalleled opportunities. together, all over the world.

“NYLA Talent’s incredible success in attracting new students to its acting classes has, of necessity, accelerated its progress towards digital transformation, with billing being the perfect starting point,” said Asaf Darash, CEO of Regpack. “We are delighted that NYLA has chosen Regpack as their payment partner in a highly competitive field, and we look forward to supporting them as they discover the vast potential of our system to transform their business.”

Regpack offers NYLA Talent a registration and billing platform with a simple database that scales for growth, along with email templates, reports, and other unique features. NYLA was initially hesitant about automation as it embarked on its digital transformation journey due to the complex nature of its business processes. The organization offered 18 classes with three different levels, some capacity per class to meet, and other variables that made the process too complex to automate. However, after discovering Regpack’s capabilities, which are unmatched in the market, NYLA realized how simple functions such as presetting dates and age ranges could allow them to tailor the system to their needs, as well as to improve the registration experience of their own customers.

Moving from on-premises Excel-based systems to automated payment processing with Regpack gives users the power to automatically offer customizable payment forms, ACH and credit card processing, recurring billing options, and more. As a result, these platforms generate a 25% reduction in customer churn and a 30% increase in cash flow.

“NYLA came to Regpack with the intention of simplifying their onboarding and course scheduling process,” said Edgar Carrasco, Head of Partnerships for Regpack. “Their initial goal was to automate part of the process when it came to automatic emails and customer reporting. Despite some initial hesitation to fully automate the planning part of their process, once they saw the assembled prototype by their project manager, they were all set to automate their entire process. This will save NYLA a lot of time, streamline their internal processes, and help create a smooth onboarding experience for their candidates. Regpack continually exceeds expectations when we are able to take a unique process from our customers and build it to their exact specifications.

During the last quarter, Regpack also launched a free trial option to provide more opportunities for companies like NYLA to engage with the Regpack platform and understand the power it can offer to their business. With the new “self-service” feature, users can bypass some of the traditional onboarding steps and directly access the system via the trial link to create their own live system, without compromising access to features such as automated billing, recurring products, conditional logic and integrate payments into their websites.

Signing up for the 14-day free trial of Regpack runs until August 31 and grants guest users access to 100% of the features available to subscribed users.


Regpack is an online payment integration and management platform designed for large and small businesses looking to manage and bill their customers. With automation tools like auto-invoicing, custom forms, dynamic data filtering, business analytics, and email marketing tools, Regpack is an end-to-end solution for B2B organizations and businesses. service-based organizations looking for software solutions. For more information, visit

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