Phishing scam shows eerie similarities to legitimate state Department of Labor website


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – It’s such a sophisticated scam you’ll find a bold warning message at the top of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website. However, you will never see the warning if you fall in love with the fake phishing sites designed to mimic the state’s legitimate unemployment portal.

“We have discovered several phishing websites created by criminals to steal the login credentials of UI claimants,” said Phill Spesshardt, director of the UI division at CDLE. “These sites look almost identical to the MyUI + login page and are getting more and more sophisticated.”

Below are screenshots of the state’s legitimate unemployment portal versus a phishing scam website.

JoJo Nieves reached out to KRDO Newschannel 13 after receiving a text message claiming he still owed him $ 1,400 in stimulus funds. Even though Nieves had already gotten all of his stimulus money, he clicked on the link to make sure there was no sort of error with his SSI and SSDI benefits. Nieves almost grabbed his social security number.

“I was about to do it and something in my mind told me you better not do this,” Nieves said.

It’s a good thing he listened to his instincts. The state says it could have cost them dearly.

“Once an applicant clicks on these links, their MyUI + can be hacked, allowing fraudsters to redirect their benefit payments to new bank accounts,” Spesshardt said.

Luckily he’s outsmarted the crooks, Nieves wants to help spread the word to other targets.

“Being on a fixed income like I am, and taking the risk of someone else taking my information and doing something else knowing that they could take what little I have, it’s just not not correct, ”Nieves said.

The CDLE warns the department. will never send you an SMS with a link to log into your account.

To protect yourself, only log into your account through the official CDLE website at For more information on known scams, visit User interface dashboard.


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