Practice coding the fun way with these best coding Gs

With the increase in requirements for coding-based products and services, the need for coding expertise has also increased. And, expertise comes with practice, as we all know. Now the question is how to practice enough when many things become obstacles. Let’s take boredom as an example. Too much coding can not only be tiring, but it can also make you feel empty and lose focus.

Now, what is the way to avoid this? Well, a break for once. Or, you can also get involved in fun coding methods to not only improve your knowledge but also refresh your mind. We are talking about mobile games or console games for programmers that will help you build your knowledge and master your coding skills.

Going deeper, we discuss some games that teach you how to code or help you practice your coding skills in a fun way. These games are designed to help you improve your coding skills and logical thinking to progress.

Test your skills with these challenging coding games

These good coding games we discuss further have cool gameplays and stories that cannot progress without at least a basic understanding of coding. Therefore, even if you are not an expert but just a beginner, you can play these programming games to improve your experience of coding and its techniques. If you have also developed a game application for programmers and you plan to market it, you must first have your application reviewed. This will give you a rough idea of ​​your mobile app’s potential.

Anyway, the fact that different games may have different knowledge of the required coding language is also important for you. So let’s take a look at these best coding games without further ado.

human resource machine

This one of the best games to learn coding uses puzzles based on programming languages. There are 40 tiers for players to progress through and each tier represents a corporate year of the player’s avatar. Programming knowledge is required to provide commands to the avatar to perform actions. Moreover, the game is available for multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Android Switch among others.

7 billion people

This sequel to the Human Resource Machine game includes 60 programming puzzles. The game is designed to give main characters tasks such as sorting numbers in data cubes. A programming language similar to assembly programming is used to perform tasks such as allowing logic, memory, simple loops, and calculations. The game was also praised by professional reviewers and gamers. The game has a 77% metacritical rating.


This simple yet brilliant coding game offers CoffeeScript based gameplay. The goal of the game is to teach you how to create games simply in the HTML5 programming language. CodeMonkey is the best way to learn game programming, especially for beginners or kids. The game has received many titles such as 2018 Breakthrough Edtech by Best Computer Coding Education Solution, 2019 SIIA CODIE, 2019 Whatson4kids by Best Education Online/ Digital Program for KIDS, etc.


This game is designed to ease the process of learning the software for both beginners and experienced learners. Throughout the game, the player uses languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python, CoffeeScript and HTML. The game includes 11 units and 3 game development units along with two web development units.

The elevator saga

This one of the best games to learn coding requires programming knowledge to progress through the levels. Moreover, knowing accurate coding concepts is also crucial to complete the game. The game is difficult, therefore, coders with JS experience will only be able to complete the final challenges.


This one of the best computer code game has JAVA based mechanism or. REPORT. The game aims to contribute programming languages ​​for robot tanks to fight their rivalries. One of the best programming games is a perfect tool for experienced or beginner programmers if they want to practice their coding skills.


This programming game from Zachtronics is perfect fun training material for coders. The game takes place in another world in 1997. The world is different from the one we live in. It is computerized and technologically advanced. Advanced AI gave the player, who is also a hacker, missions to break into computer systems to track the progress of his phage affliction. One of the best games that teaches you to code requires you to write free EXA codes.

SQL Murder Mystery

This one of the best coding games for beginners and experienced programmers follows a murder investigation story. You are supposed to play this game in browser hence you can also play it on your systems or smartphones. The game will test your SQL skills to find the killer. Even if you are completely new to the programming language, you can still follow the included walkthrough and progress through this fun game.


Screeps is a game that has a restless environment even when you’re not playing. With an interconnection of 70,000 game rooms, the open-source game has its engine released on Github. One of the good coding games allows you to modify the behavior of the game according to your preferences. Moreover, you need real programming skills to succeed and progress in one of the best coding games.


Players can play one of the best coding games on devices with operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. The coding game is available for $20 and has received numerous awards for its excellent gameplay and visuals.

Designed by one of the best game developer, this one of the best coding games online lets you control drones with command lines. As a drone pilot, the player explores abandoned universes and spaceships to find items to salvage. There are also rogue elements that could make exploration difficult.

To conclude the blog, it is crucial to mention that these are not the only programming games you can play. There are many free and paid alternatives available depending on the level of expertise or age of the players. Some of these games are designed to make learning to code fun, while others challenge coders to test their programming skills. Ultimately, the goal of these games is to ensure that the coding process isn’t tiring or boring, but fun and interesting to learn and practice.

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