Revolutionizing Access to Justice: Introducing LegalShield’s Enhanced Mobile App

ADA, Oklahoma – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – LegalShield, the leading provider of tools and services that protect and enable people to live fair and safe lives at an affordable price, today announced the launch of a new mobile app experience that enables making it easier for everyone to obtain legal advice on a wide range of personal and business legal matters. Similar to telemedicine, the new LegalShield The mobile app experience connects members to lawyers in the LegalShield network who provide legal advice, guidance and services.

“Our widely upgraded mobile app is based on feedback from thousands of our members and LegalShield partner law firms. “This release is a big step towards realizing our corporate vision of building a world where access to justice and security is equal for every human being, regardless of gender, race, orientation. , education, social status or personal wealth. ”

For less than a dollar a day, using the LegalShield mobile app, members can now schedule consultations at their convenience with lawyers in the LegalShield network directly through the app. To simplify a member’s request for legal assistance, a member chooses an area of ​​law (for example, estate planning, circulation or employment) and will be guided step by step through the process with questions. tracking and simple options to eliminate complexity. and the concern consumers typically experience with law firms. Requests can be submitted for any matter, and the member will receive a consultation with a lawyer from the LegalShield network at the time the member chooses or within four business hours. For certain legal services, such as representing a pre-existing problem, taking legal action or defending a DUI, members receive a guaranteed reduced hourly rate of at least 25% off the average published public rates.

Members can upload files, including images and videos, to support legal advice requests. Examples include photos of a car crash or damaged product purchased online; a bite inflicted by a neighbor’s dog; or a threat letter from a housing association. LegalShield membership plans cover the member, member’s spouse and dependents. Spouse and dependents can be easily added to the plan and access their own instance of the experience via the app’s new “invite” feature.

These latest enhancements are now combined with popular existing features like the ability to download traffic tickets, create wills, and 24/7 emergency access to vendor attorneys for covered issues.

The LegalShield mobile app is now accessible to everyone via Google Play and the App Store.

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A pioneer in democratizing affordable access to legal advice, counsel, protection and representation, LegalShield is the world’s largest platform for legal, identity and reputation management services. For 49 years, LegalShield and IDShield have provided individuals, families, businesses and employers with the tools and services they need to live fair and safe lives at an affordable price. To learn more about the brands that currently protect more than 4.5 million people and 140,000 businesses, visit: and

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