Samsung Repair Mode to keep your photos, messages and apps safe at the service center: know how to use it

Samsung Repair Mode has been introduced to take care of your personal data while the device is in a service center.

Sending your phone to a service center is a nightmare, right? Repair costs are one aspect, but protecting your data is another. While the only solution is to create a backup of all your data, Samsung has come up with a solution to fix this problem once and for all. He designed a feature called Repair Mode on his Galaxy devices. The idea is simple – this mode will keep your sensitive data safe from prying eyes at the gas station and avoid having to completely reset the device.

The feature will be part of the Battery and device care option under the Settings menu. Once the feature is activated, the phone will restart and open an interface devoid of all your personal data. This personal data will include photos, messages, accounts and installed applications. For people in the service center, it will appear as a brand new phone.

Samsung repair mode to make your life easier at the service center

Once the phone is repaired and returned, you will be able to turn off repair mode using the fingerprint sensor or pattern unlock, just like a new regular phone. The phone will restart again and open to the profile. with all your data and settings intact, even the service technicians modified it in repair mode.

For service people, repair mode will create a data log that records all recent issues and related applications. Samsung assures that data will not be shared with anyone in log and in repair mode as well. However, for the cynics, you can also choose to avoid creating an issue log.

As of now, Repair mode is coming to Galaxy S21 series devices first via a future software update. Samsung plans to eventually expand the feature to other models in the future. Also, the feature seems to be limited to Korean markets at the moment and Samsung might release it later for other markets as well.

We wish more manufacturers would adopt this way of protecting data while the device is being repaired.

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