SecureAuth Launches Mobile SDK to Develop Passwordless Authentication Apps

SecureAuth has launched a new Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable the creation of iOS or Android apps with a built-in mobile authenticator for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Apps created using the SDK will allow customers to use their mobile devices as an authenticator to confirm password-less browser access from other web devices.

Called Invisible 2-FA, the new digital ID solution aims to support increased security and protection of customer data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The announcement of the new SDK is part of SecureAuth’s broader strategy to expand its presence in the world of cloud-hosted consumer identity and access management (CIAM).

To this end, the company also recently partnered with PathCare, a South Africa-based healthcare provider, and ADT, a Florida-based home security company.

According to a blog post On the SecureAuth website, the company sees integrated authenticators as the future of mobile security and MFA, primarily because of their improved customer experience.

“Users complete registration by following the usual setup steps for your mobile app,” said Dusan Vitek, Director of SecureAuth Product Marketing in the post.

“From that moment, [they] will receive push notifications. Just press to accept, the user will not have to read or type one-time security codes. For your customer, this will all feel like a cohesive brand experience.

In fact, according to Vitek, “the ideal customer login experience is that the login is invisible,” and two-factor passwordless push authentication comes as close as possible to that.

From a technical standpoint, the SecureAuth Mobile SDK uses the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol, as well as the company’s new Cloud Mobile Service.

“The service authenticates the mobile device, provides a token for that device with an expiration date and, depending on the token, the app will have access to any service or resource that it is authorized to use within the platform. -SecureAuth cloud IAM form, ”Vitek said.

The SecureAuth Mobile SDK repositories can be found at GitHub. The Android version of the SDK is based on the Kotlin programming language, while the iOS version uses Swift and is built with Xcode 12.0.

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