Shellacking of Kansas’ Best of Oklahoma State Social Media

Fresh off their first loss of the season, the returning Cowboys did anything but sleepwalking against Kansas. Oklahoma State dominated the game from start to finish, and my schedule was a little lighter than it was at this time a week ago.

Here are some important points.

The Jayhawks should have seen this, glanced in the mirror and headed straight for the exits.

Spencer Sanders was determined to punish KU defenders on Saturday.

Someone should definitely be researching this statistic. Not me, but someone.

Set it on fire.

The Cowboys have scored on nine of their 13 possessions. Can a horse also get a backup?

And, yes, it’s Kansas. But Jim Knowles’ group had a Power 5 team with 3 points and 143 total yards. That’s the Jayhawks’ lowest point total in three years and lowest yardage total in four.

There was a lot going on inside BPS.

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