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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana — A Shreveport man who is both an elementary school teacher and a social media celebrity is on a game show in June with famed late-night talk show host Jay Leno in Los Angeles.

Leigh McClendon, 28, has over 3 million followers on TikTok, nearly 600,000 followers on Facebook and over 250,000 on Instagram and growing.

Leigh’s has been active on TikTok for over two years. He started on the platform by posting deer hunting videos and then moved on to posting teacher skits during his first year of teaching. He noticed his teacher sketches were getting better comments and more engagement and with his first videos on TikTok, he went viral and his internet career took off.

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“Someone contacted me saying, hey, I’m a casting producer and I’ve always followed your account and I love it and would you be interested in being on our show,” McClendon said. “I actually applied and had an interview with them in February and they called me back in May. At first I thought, I guess I didn’t pass, but then they m ‘ got in touch and told me you were on the show and I was like oh cool.”

According to McClendon, the game show he will be on is You bet your life on it and it’s a reboot of a previous game show where Jay Leno will be the host. The game show is said to be a combination of trivia mixed with comedy, where McClendon and a partner can make the money and risk it all in the end. McClendon says it will air on FOX.

“I don’t try to prepare too much,” McClendon said. “I just want to enjoy the experience and see what happens.” He is scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on June 12.

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