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The Daily Tribune –

Six people are accused of making fictitious payments by hacking an electronic payment system to pay their dues to a government agency.

They will be tried before the High Criminal Court from January 4, 2022. All the suspects are now in pre-trial detention. One of the suspects was on the run and police arrested him from a Gulf country with an international arrest warrant.

The Gulf country (name withheld) handed him over to Bahraini police for trial. Police questioned him along with the rest of the suspects in the Kingdom and charged them with wire fraud and misrepresenting computer system data.

The suspects used a foreign bank abroad to make false payments after they hacked their electronic payment key. However, all fictitious payment transactions have been detected and stopped.

Records indicate that the police opened an investigation based on a complaint registered by the government agency through the prosecution.

The chief prosecutor in the capital governorate said the suspects tampered with the digital link of the electronic payment site to make false payments and settle their dues.

Investigators gathered evidence from specialists at the government e-Payment site and the finance company responsible for validating transactions received through the e-Payment site.

The head of the prosecution service of the capital governorate said the prosecution was determined to firmly fight any breaches of computer systems and called on everyone to keep electronic key data confidential and not to disclose it to anyone. others.

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