Social media reactions after Michigan’s blowout 56-10 win over Hawaii

While Saturday night’s game between the Michigan Wolverines football team and the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors lived up to expectations — or lack thereof — the Twitter sphere still found plenty to talk about.

Here are the highlights of what social media had to say:

The game was significantly delayed due to storms in the area. Cade McNamara didn’t wait out the rain, however, opting to train inside the tunnel:

Due to the delay, Wolverines entered the game without hitting the banner – something not seen since the banner was created:

Once the game started, Michigan didn’t take long to do so, as JJ McCarthy needed just one shot from 43 yards to open the scoring for the Wolverines:

The night was over before it even started:

A silver lining for the Rainbow Warriors:

JJ was throwing it all over the court, and Twitter took note:

Vegas couldn’t find a high enough live line during the first half action:

The score was closer than the reality of the match, even coming out of half-time:

After four disappointing drives from Cade – the final of which ended in an interception – reactions were understandably mixed:

A sign from heaven (or maybe just a cooking fire):

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