Social media star Malvika Gupta shares the secret to becoming a successful influencer


We live in a time when a person’s popularity is not limited to the realm of entertainment or sports. Like celebrities, social media influencers have become stars; thanks to the welcome change of the Internet. In the past, social media was only used to network with people, but now it is a source of fortune. One of those popular internet stars is Malvika Gupta, who ultimately built her presence as a high-end influencer.

The content she creates covers different categories including beauty, fashion and travel. The opulent influencer has undeniably established herself as the hottest name on the internet. With a family of over 250,000 Instagram followers, Malvika Gupta has always focused on creating authentic content for audiences. “Before creating the content, it’s important to gain knowledge and understand the target audience for which the content is created. For example, I can’t create real estate content if I don’t have a thorough knowledge of it, ”says Malvika.

A journalism student, Malvika Gupta holds a master’s degree in advertising. After working with a popular online portal for nearly three months, the influencer has realized the call to establish something of her own. This is how her blog ‘Styleonwings’ was born, and it has now become an identity of the influencer. Started on a small scale, Malvika Gupta during her career spanning more than seven years has collaborated with brands like Swarovski, L’Oréal, Adidas, Maybelline and various other international names.

Moreover, in this world of fierce competition, Malvika Gupta has repeatedly learned new things to stay relevant. She added: “A few years ago nobody knew the concept of coils would even exist. Being in this profession, I have always welcomed new learning, and it really helped me get huge recognition. With the perfect blend of trends and innovations, Malvika Gupta has focused on quality content that has helped her reach new heights in her career.

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