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SOL Sangre de Cristo members have granted their second round of zero-interest loans for Badger Creek Ranch and Jumpin ‘Good Goat Dairy, LLC farms and ranches. To date, SOIL Sangre de Cristo has awarded $ 20,000. in its first year.

Jumpin ‘Good Goat Dairy, LLC was founded in 2002 by Dawn Jump as an on-farm goat cheese dairy with three does and a buck.

By 2014, it had grown into a herd of over 200 milling goats producing 35,000 pounds of cheese per year.

Today, Jumpin ‘Good Goat Dairy has partnerships with two Amish dairies providing quality milk produced from animals raised without cruelty.

They were able to focus on sustaining and growing the artisanal dairy with the same quality Colorado milk supply and breeding methods intact.

The loan funds will be used in conjunction with other funds to add an additional 320 square feet to the south side of the existing store.

Specifically, they will be used to finish the interior of the prefab building and retail accessories such as shelves and coolers.

Due to the pandemic, attention to on-site dining has declined, shifting to the retail market. This market will continue to grow until 2021 and beyond. The expansion of the store’s retail sales area will contribute to this growth.

Dave and Chrissy McFarren and Andrea Evers, owners of Badger Creek Ranch, purchased the ranch near Coaldale in 2015.

Their objectives are to practice regenerative agriculture and to raise livestock in a humane and organic way.

The ranch had been overgrazed in previous years. The objective is now to restore pastures through controlled grazing on the ground.

Chrissy and Dave McFarren will use the $ 5,000 loan to purchase a used small tractor for a new farm garden project hauling compost and spreading.

It will also be used for dragging pastures and lifting heavy loads to save on manual labor. The garden will be cultivated using regenerative farming methods without plowing or plowing.

Badger Creek Ranch sells its products at the winter and summer markets in Salida and through their online store.

The members of SOL Sangre de Cristo voted at the members’ assembly to disburse the funds, which are collected through membership fees.

Local farmers and food producers who are members of SOIL are eligible to apply for the interest-free loans.

Loan application finalists presented their proposals live at the virtual meeting on March 14.

The loans are repayable over 3 years and as they are repaid the money will be reinjected into the funds available for future loans.

Farmers and food producers can join SOIL for $ 25 per year. General memberships start at $ 250 per person and include a vote on loan distributions.

The loan fund is generously supported by the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation with a 50% match for each contribution.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo’s mission is to unite communities in south-central Colorado by directly supporting local farmers, ranchers and food producers, improving food security and resilience for all residents.

The SOIL Sangre de Cristo member funded zero rate loan model is based on the slow money principles developed by author and activist Woody Tasch.

In Colorado, SOIL-affiliated groups are creating more resilient food systems in communities around Boulder, Durango and Carbondale, with more than $ 900,000 in loans for crucial items such as tractors, worker housing and irrigation, season extenders and other agricultural aids to be achieved. maximum success.

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