State resolves issues with immunization records website

SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) – Some New Mexicans who have received their COVID vaccine have said they are not showing up on the state’s immunization website. So, are they counted by the state? And does that mean the state’s total vaccine count is nowhere near? Vax See New Mexico allows people to access their immunization records and the state said there was a reason for a discrepancy.

Tweets are popping up about issues with Vax View New Mexico. People are vaccinated but the website doesn’t show it, so we tried it ourselves. News 13 employees are fully vaccinated and received the same COVID vaccine at the same facility on the same days. But after entering our information in Vax View, some get this pop-up stating that Vax View is unable to find a recording that matches the search criteria. For others, they can view their vaccination history, including their COVID vaccinations.

So what’s the whole gap? “There is a lot of potential for human error,” said David Morgan of the NM’s Department of Health. The state said Vax View is a separate system from the overall vaccine count. They said COVID-19 vaccine vendors might not enter the correct information in Vax View, which could explain why your COVID vaccine is not showing up on this website.

“So what we find is that if people are entering all of this information for the COVID-19 vaccine, they are doing it in large quantities, potentially rushing,” Morgan said. The state said it was also experiencing software issues related to Vax View.

“These electronic medical records are literally being sent in bulk to Vax View New Mexico and there could also be issues with what we received with this electronic medical records software,” Morgan said. Whether it is manual entry or electronic systems, there is clearly a lag in some cases.

There is a lot of doubt that the state has an accurate count of the number of vaccines if it does not show up in Vax View and some wonder if New Mexico is well over 60%. vaccinated. But the state insists that even though it doesn’t appear in Vax View, it is counting every COVID shot. “Our goal is not to rig the number of people vaccinated with this condition,” Morgan said. “Our goal is to get everyone vaccinated correctly in the system. “

The state said it is working with vendors to make sure they enter vaccine information correctly and quickly, as well as to try to resolve software issues they encounter. The state has said that if you try to log into Vax View New Mexico and have issues with or accessing your records, the state wants you to call them: 833-882-6454 or email: COVID .Vaccines @

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