Steve-O Launches X-Rated Website For Sharing ‘Explicit Content’ | Entertainment News

Steve-O is launching his own X-rated website to share his own “explicit” content.

The ‘Jackass’ star opened up about his new adult platform ‘Steve-O Raw’, which reportedly featured an image of himself completely naked in a coconut shell and engaging in a sex act.

When asked if the platform would feature pornography, he told Page Six: “It depends on how you define pornography.

“This page hosts all of my explicit, uncensored content, and there is a lot of it.”

The 47-year-old star decided against joining a pre-existing platform like OnlyFans because he wanted more control.

He explained, “On OnlyFans, you have to pay to unlock every piece of content, and there’s no live streaming.

“Everything on my page is already unlocked and playable once you subscribe, and I have the live broadcast, as well as regular giveaways and contests.”

In addition to the X-rated posts, the site also promises to provide fans with content that has been removed from other platforms, including “unreleased content” from “Jackass” and the Steve-O comedy special, as well as ‘access to Movies, Derivatives and Meetings “Don’t try this at home”.

He insisted he was “so sick” of the restrictions on other social media platforms, and he sees his new site as a way to stay unfiltered.

He added, “I’m so sick of getting into trouble with just about every social media platform for ‘violating community guidelines’.

“I’m just so happy that I can finally post the things that I find funny and awesome, without getting in trouble.”

Earlier this year, the stuntman celebrated 13 years of sobriety by thanking his “Jackass” family for helping him on his journey.

In March, he wrote on Instagram: “So grateful to celebrate thirteen years of sobriety today … thank you to everyone who helped me get here and as always thank you to @johnnyknoxville for m ‘giving the loving boost that started my journey! “

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