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Q: I am sending you an email that I received from an online retailer. It contains product images and question marks at the location of the product images. This also happens with other emails and websites that I visit. I am using the Google Chrome browser, a MacBook Air laptop, and the Comcast internet service. What’s wrong?– Jane Zimmermann,

A: I was able to see all the images in the email you sent me. This suggests that there is a difference between our browsers or our internet connections.

Some possible browser issues you might have:

– Browser congestion. Clear Chrome browser cache and cookies. This often improves browser performance. (For directions see

– Security software settings: Try briefly disabling your antivirus, then see if the missing photos appear on your screen. If this is the case, you will need to configure the security software to make an “exception” for the website you are visiting.

Potential Internet Connection Problems:

– Slow Internet Speed: When you have a fast wired Internet connection, certain factors can slow it down, such as Comcast technical issues, Internet congestion, or bottlenecks in your home computer network. Check your actual internet speed (see against the speed you are paying for.

– Some website photos download slower than others and sometimes you have to wait for them. Why? Website operators have long learned not to let consumers download all of a website’s photos at once. This made the website slow to appear in your browser (meaning you might get bored and look elsewhere) and it was a waste because most people didn’t see all of the images.

The solution for the website operators was to make uploading the images you see first on the website top priority, and the photos you would see if you scroll down the page second priority. As a result, most images in an online catalog don’t download until you scroll down to view them (website operators call this “lazy loading”).


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