Tesco’s grocery app and website are down as thousands of customers say they can’t shop

TESCO’s grocery app and website are reportedly down as thousands of customers say they can’t shop.

Shoppers say they were locked out from 5.48pm this afternoon.


Shoppers have registered an issue with the Tesco app and websiteCredit: Getty

As of 7:44 p.m., the number of reported outages with the app and website reached 2,414.

Customers took to Twitter to express their anger.

“Tesco, your website is down, can’t load any pages, and can’t log in. Same error message,” one shopper posted.

“I tried to search for groceries and just got an error message…” said another.

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A third, who was trying to complete her online order ahead of her delivery window tomorrow, tweeted Tesco to ask why she couldn’t complete it.

“I’m trying to finalize my order for morning delivery, but the error persists?” they said.

Tesco’s Twitter account replied: “Hi, the website and app are both down at the moment I’m afraid, we are aware of the issue and it is currently being investigated first, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Another customer wrote: “And how long will it take to resolve? I just changed my order for tomorrow, which as a single parent without a car is very necessary, and obviously can’t. I’m not going to be happy if I can’t sort it out tonight!”

“Tesco, what’s up with your website, you say it was broken then fixed. Can’t change my order for tomorrow, not good enough,” a third shared.

Meanwhile, a fifth shopper shared screenshots of error messages and tweeted: ‘Tesco, any idea when the site will be back up and running?’

Agnieszka said, “When will your app and website work? Delivery tomorrow and I have to finish my order!”

Tesco’s app and website went down in June, preventing hundreds of customers from completing their purchases.

More than 500 complaints had been registered on the Downdetector outage detection site.

The supermarket giant was quickly made aware of the issues and apologized to shoppers for the inconvenience.

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Customers have encountered blocked pages and error messages when trying to log into Tesco’s online pages.

A Tesco spokesperson said at the time: “We have resolved a technical issue which briefly affected a small number of customers using our website and app this afternoon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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