The best mobile apps for hunters

android and ios applications for hunters
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Android and iOS apps for hunters

While when it comes to hunting, the last thing you usually think of is an app, the truth is that Android’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a wide variety of apps for hunters, with Very useful features like maps, animal claims and more which can help a lot during a hunt.

Hunter apps can help a group manage their documents and the hunting grounds they manage, mark locations on a shared map, and even call for help if they become isolated.

-Micaza (iOS and Android): It is an advanced search engine for reserves and hunts, the user can search by geographical location, hunting method, game species. It also offers access to hunting auctions in national and regional parks, international and organic hunting, as well as access to the updated hunting calendar. It has an integrated chat and a scanner for hunting documentation, dog records, etc. , as well as a marketplace where you can find everything related to the world of hunting.

MiCaza application

-Micaza Manager (iOS and Android): Micaza Gestor is a version of the application intended for owners and managers of game reserves, as well as managers of hunting companies. In it, it is possible to consult all the news of the sector, closures and new regulations. It has a chat that offers direct communication with partners and customers, as well as urgent notices, a marketplace for public hunting sales and a synchronized calendar of events.

MiCazaGestor application

-Chasse Zeiss (Android and iOS): It has various features for hunters, such as a ballistic calculator, a news feed with all the latest news from the hunting world, a space to share photos of hunting grounds, a hunting log and features. for managers and game administrators. It is also possible to register all the material and its licenses.

Android app for hunters

-HuntersMapp (Android): With communication features, thanks to the internal chat with which to send text messages, images, GPS positioning data, hunting territory data and also SOS alerts, to request help. The app offers real-time information and news on weather conditions, reserve availability, hunting rights, hunting and gun laws and a host of updated maps.

Application for Android hunters

-Deermapper- Hunting Log (Android): The application has a hunting log, to note everything related to hunting, as well as updated maps of game reserves and areas with more activity in reserves, feeders, viewpoints and the hunting chambers. It also has features to share images, personal maps and statistics on abatements or sightings, as well as the possibility of creating groups, with the members of the reserve, to share all the information of the hunt.

Deermapper Hunting Journal


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